Today's movie-going audiences are savvy. They know that the one-dimensional, stereotypical depictions that often plague motion pictures don't entirely reflect the broad spectrum of American culture.

The BACKLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT VISION is to bring fresh, sexy and powerful portrayals of women and people of color to both the big and small screen through highly marketable films that enlighten, educate and entertain.   We achieve this by developing rich stories across genres that boast diverse casts of complex, compelling characters. 

We recognize that filmmaking is as much a business as it is an art form. That said, we carefully scrutinize each project we take on, enumerating variables important to potential investors.   To date, we've been very successful at developing projects that resonate with both Generations X and Y, and are rich with opportunities for ancillary revenue streams like soundtrack, product placement, branding and merchandising.   By embedding critical elements like these into the BACKLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT brand, we're able to delight our audiences, while simultaneously delivering a solid ROI for our investors.

BACKLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT PROFESSIONALS have proven track records in 360 degrees of entertainment, including filmmaking, marketing, event production, and PR.  This expertise allows us to create and implement innovative strategies to fully exploit each projects’ marketing potential.

NETWORKING IS A CONTACT SPORT!  Over the years, we have built a strategic network of artists, as well as professionals in marketing, finance and much, much more.  The BACKLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT network of trained, professional talent--both Above-the-line and Below-the-line--gets the job done!